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The Battle Of The Insurance Giants – The Progressive Insurance Girl Vs. The Geico Dynamic Trio

If you watch television for more than 15 minutes on any given day, you will very quickly get a glimpse as the two biggest insurance giants in the nation. Progressive insurance which currently ranks number 1, and Geico which currently ranks number 3. Both fight tooth and nail in a dog eat dog world for the top spot, and neither is willing to slow down or let up in order to get and keep that position. Understand, this is no easy task to get and keep the number 1 position for any kind of insurance, especially auto insurance of all types.

So what is it about these two powerhouse insurance companies that makes them who and what they are? How do they fight tooth and nail for the positions they control? Well, it’s all in the genius marketing tactics and techniques they use on a regular basis, and especially in the spokes people they use. You have the Progressive Insurance girl Flo in one corner, and the cavemen and Gecko dynamic trio in the other corner.

Let’s start with the most obvious of the group, the Gecko. Everyone knows the Geico Gecko. He has been around for years now, and any time anyone thinks of Geico insurance, they think of the Gecko. His cute little personality and demeanor have been with us, and has stuck with us for years already, and he shows no sign of letting up.

A few years ago, Geico insurance introduced the cavemen. They also very quickly put Progressive Insurance and their ability to compete to the test as the commercials made us laugh out loud with the stupidity and catchy “So Easy Even A Caveman Could Do It” catch phrase. But even these weren’t enough to move Geico up to the number one spot as Progressive Insurance hung on and kept moving forward as the big dog on the block.

Introduce Flo, the Progressive Insurance girl as the new spokes woman for Progressive Insurance, and you now have the Progressive Insurance girl who very easily, and quickly became a house hold name. Stephanie Courtney, as she is known in the real world, very quickly caught every ones attention as the Progressive Insurance girl and put a very big dent in the Geico Insurance marketing beast, and slowed their progress toward the number 1 position to a crawl.

Flo has one of those personalities that you either totally adore, or absolutely hate, and that is what gives her such an appeal as the Progressive Insurance girl. Insurance is no easy item to sell, even though everyone needs to have it by law. We all have to have it, but we don’t really want to pay for it, and we all know it can be ridiculously expensive each and every month just to be able to drive our vehicles. The solution? Great marketing tactics, brilliant advertising genius, and some spokes people we can’t help but tune into and remember.

Very few people would argue that the Progressive Insurance girl Flo, as well as the Geico Insurance cavemen and Gecko are all three images and spokes people we will all be remembering and talking about for years to come. All of these characters, and for different reasons, have etched a place in our minds and permanently placed Progressive Insurance and Geico Insurance as the front running insurance companies we will think of when we want or need insurance of any type, and most likely the first two companies we will contact when the need arises.

So this leaves people like myself in awe, and with a nagging curiosity about the next few months to several years. Flo has recently signed on as the Progressive Insurance girl for at least an additional 12 commercials, which cements her, at least for now, as the Progressive Insurance girl, spokes woman, and the voice and image of Progressive Insurance for some time to come yet. The Gecko and cavemen also show no signs of going away any time soon.

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Who Is That Progressive Insurance Girl Anyway?

If you have seen any Progressive Insurance commercial over the last year or so, you have certainly noticed that bubbly black haired Progressive Insurance girl named Flo. But who in the world is this Flo, and what is it about her that makes you remember Progressive Insurance, and can’t help but stay glued to the television every time one of those captivating commercials come on the television.

Well, that Progressive Insurance Girl does have a name, and her name is Stephanie Courtney, and it doesn’t look like she is going anywhere any time soon. Here bubbly, beaming, high energy personality has made her one of the most well known images for any insurance company, and has especially ingrained Progressive Insurance in all of our minds for years to come as she will certainly be one of those characters we all will be talking about when we say “do you remember that progressive insurance girl?”

Very few people will disagree with the statement that Progressive Insurance knew exactly what they were doing when they chose Stephanie Courtney to play Flo and become their pitch woman. It’s hard for anyone not to fall for her cute and perky personality as well as those little quirks she has when she talks and move about. Add in some marketing geniuses, a simple background, and great sales copy, and you very quickly have yourself a winning series of commercial that sell millions of dollars in insurance.

One aspect of this Progressive Insurance girl that makes her so powerful as a pitch woman is that there is no middle road for people. They either adore her, or they can’t stand her. In the marketing world, this is a very good thing. Companies, especially multi-million dollar companies like Progressive, Geico, and the others that want to stand out in the crowd want you to have an extreme response to their pitch people and personalities. If their advertising causes you to take the middle road, it’s not doing it’s job properly, and it’s not getting your attention. The Progressive Insurance girl certainly does this job, and she does it well.

Besides, where else are you going to find such an excited, high energy, go get em kind of personality for something as boring and annoying as car insurance. We have to have car insurance, no way around it. The key for companies like these, especially if they plan on staying number one in the business, is to catch, and keep your attention, and to do it as often as possible.

There is some good news, and some bad news depending on how you look at it. It’s sure that if Stephanie Courtney uses her fame as the Progressive Insurance girl properly, this could very easily launch her career into various other areas of entertainment. She is already on her way toward roles in movies and other higher paying, bigger opportunities.

She has been the Progressive Insurance girl for nearly a year now, and has already signed a contract to do at least 12 more Progressive commercials. This means she sells, and she sells well, and she is here to stay as the Progressive face and voice, and certainly a big contender for the Gecko and Geico insurance. Geico currently ranks at number 3 for all insurance companies nation wide while Progressive is still in the lead, and Geico is fighting hard to move up while Progressive shows no signs of slowing down in it’s attempts to stay at the top as the big dog on the insurance block.

A post at the blog shows us exactly how this woman has hit the hearts and minds of people of all types as the posts headline reads, “The Cult of the Progressive Car Insurance Chick.” Flo has captured the hearts, and eyes, of many men out there who eagerly have their eyes glued to the television when these insurance commercials come on. Not to mention the incredible number of searches on the internet as people try to figure out who this insurance girl is.

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