Can The Progressive Insurance Girl Compete?

There are three main auto insurance companies on the market, and each holds it’s own in the battle of insurance supremacy. The top three companies are Esurance, Progressive Insurance, And Geico. Various sources rate Esurance and Progressive insurance as number one with the other as number two, but the most commonly accepted opinion is that Progressive Insurance is the top insurance company, with Esurance coming in second, and Geico placing third. It has been a long, hard, and difficult battle for the top position, and millions of dollars are on the line for the insurance company that can pull out in front.

All three companies have brilliant teams of advertising and marketing geniuses whose sole responsibility is to get into, capture, and keep the minds of people everywhere. Each has done this with their own unique tactics, techniques, and approach, and all three insurance companies have done it extremely well.

Esurance has managed to use cartoons as a tactic for making buying insurance “fun” and they have been able to create amazing results with this simple approach. Their cartoons are very easily remembers, and recognized as soon as they come onto your television. It’s hard to mistake these commercials for anything else, and they have been able to ingrain themselves into the minds of Americans when it comes to insurance.

If anyone can compete with these making it fun to buy insurance cartoons, the dynamic Geico duo of the Gecko and cavemen as well as the Progressive Insurance girl certainly stand a chance at giving this cartoon fun to buy insurance approach a run for it’s money. Don’t be fooled, it is a run for the money when talking about insurance, and the pay day for the Esurance cartoons, the Progressive Insurance girl, and the Geico duo is huge. We are talking billions of dollars here, and that’s nothing to sneeze at. It’s no wonder these companies spend millions of dollars on advertising and marketing campaigns that are specifically designed to make us remember the Progressive Insurance girl, the cartoons, and the tiny lizard when we are in need of insurance for any reason at all.

The newest face on the block is the high energy, enigmatic, quirky woman named Flo who has very quickly been labeled as “The Progressive Insurance Girl.” Many of us have no middle road opinion about Flo. We either adore this Progressive Insurance girl and her energetic, bubbly, beaming personality, or we can’t stand to even listen to the commercials when they come on. One thing is for certain regardless of which side of the fence we sit on. This Progressive Insurance girl has hit the scenes and in a big way, and you would be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t seen the commercials with her in them.

This leaves many people wondering who she is? The internet is packed with people searching for who this Progressive Insurance girl Flo is, and more and more information is starting to pop up about her. She has become some what of an icon with an almost cult like Progressive Insurance girl following of people, and is certainly on her way toward a big career in the entertainment industry if she plays her cards right. Regardless of what else she does, at least for right now, she will be the Progressive Insurance girl pitch woman for a number of commercials more and will continue to be the face and voice of Progressive Insurance for at least the foreseeable future.

Stephanie Courtney is her name, and Progressive Insurance girl is her game, and if any of these three companies has recently made a move for number one insurance company in a big way, and in a very smart way, Progressive Insurance is the winner hands down. Their choice for these simple, easily produced commercials with this bubbly, high energy Progressive Insurance girl is absolutely marketing genius at it’s best and few could argue about the effectiveness that these commercials have had in their ability to effect Progressive Insurances bottom line in a positive and big way.

So who will win in the end? Will it be the Progressive Insurance girl, or will Geico be able to use it’s brilliant marketing tactics to finally pull ahead and move into the number one position with the Gecko and cavemen celebrating their victory? Or will the cartoons and “fun to buy auto insurance” pitch of Esurance take and hold the lead for the years to come?

I guess only time will tell what will happen as these three insurance giants battle it out in the minds, and pockets, of the American people. One thing is for certain though, regardless of where these three rank. All the other insurance companies will be left fighting for the scraps left behind by the giant insurance trio, and none of them are able to even come close to competing with the Gecko, the cavemen, the super hero cartoons, or the Progressive Insurance girl.